"Murder In Spades" On this very special night in 1922, the best high rollers in America have gathered for the richest poker game in history…winner take all. Eccentric billionaire Fortune Bonaventure has invited the “who’s who” of the gambling circuit to this one big game. If you have to ask how much money you need to play, you can’t afford it. “Diamond” Jim King has brought his millions, and he’s hoping to continue a lifelong love affair with lady luck. Some wonder how Jackie (the Kool )Hart got invited to the big game. Hart was always better as a two-bit hustler than a legitimate gambler. The widow Flora Flush may also be seen milling about, but the toilet paper heiress seems distraught about something. With all of these high rollers and their millions present, security guard Ace Spade may have a hard time keeping the peace. Will you have fun? You bet!