What kinds of venues do you perform in?

We have done several types; banquet halls, trains, boats, theatres, and corporate events.

How big of a crowd is best for your type of show?

Good question- we find that the best sized crowd is 125 people or less. The reason is because it is an intimate show- we rarely perform on a stage- we are often performing "among the crowd" which means in between tables, etc. Throughout the show-clues and hints are being dropped by the characters, and if the crowd is too big people may miss them and it will take away from their experience of solving the murder.

Do you have shows for special occasions?

Yes we do! We have shows for most major holidays and seasons and are always writing new material. 

Are the shows appropriate for all ages?

We do not curse nor use suggestive language in our shows, however there have been times when an audience member has made inappropriate comments during the show. As a troupe, we control our behavior and we diffuse those situations and steer the show back "on topic". Most people would agree that our shows are "PG". 

How much do your shows cost?

Please follow the links on our calendar to see how much each venue charges for tickets. Some shows feature a cruise, dinner, and the show, some just have an admission ticket and you can buy food separately.

If you mean "I would like to book you and I'd like to know how much you charge", please contact us at 443-600-0446 or fowlplayersperryville@yahoo.com and we can discuss it.