It's 1947, and something strange happened last night on a farm near Roswell, New Mexico. A fiery ball fell from the sky and nothing may ever be the same. There's a lot of confusion as the military transports what it recovered to Washington, D.C., but one of the nation's top military minds, Brigadier General Buford Stifle has the situation under control. In fact, if you ask General Stifle, nothing happened, so there's no cause for alarm. Farmer McDonald might disagree with that. You see, it was McDonald's farm which was swarming with soldiers shortly after the "alleged" incident. Sammy Trueheart will also take issue with Stifle. Trueheart was one of the first to arrive on the McDonald farm last night, and is struggling with the General's orders to conceal everything. Complicating matters, there's a nosy reporter snooping around, asking wild questions. I wouldn't take this "journalist" too seriously though. Old Scoop Scanlan used to write for one of the first rag sheets ever to rise to the level of "supermarket tabloid." With all the cover-ups, FBI Agent Wolf Moldy will have a hard time getting to the bottom of what really happened.