The Fowl Players of Perryville on The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, 13 Canal St., Cumberland, MD 21502

There's Something About Sven!! Welcome to the auction of the year! Northeby’s Auction House is proud to present the finest collection of historic artwork and writings ever. Alex Northeby will be conducting this special auction, which has attracted many wealthy bidders, including Christopher Columbus Rigatoni (an actual American descendent of the famous explorer). A piece of Native American art has drawn “Sitting Cow” Henderson to the auction, and that ancient charcoal drawing has also attracted the attention of eccentric Swede Magnus Swartling. However, Swartling doesn’t have the kind of big bucks it will take to bid on any of these items. With such priceless works of historical art here, tight security is a necessity, but why is Detective Al O'Gainey snooping around and asking questions about someone named Swen? Is it possible that…”There’s Something About Swen?”