I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST ST. PATRICK'S DAY Fans of the Larry Leprechaun Show are breathing a big sigh of relief. Patrick O'Shamrock, the actor portraying the 6 foot tall leprechaun was arrested last year and sent to prison for 20 years for armed bank robbery. The good news is that O'Shamrock's replacement, Barney Blarney has taken the show to new heights, adding dances and songs that have driven ratings higher than ever. Director I.R. Land is thrilled since good ratings equal job security. Land hired Gail Ick as a production assistant on the show because the director felt bad when Ick, an ex bank teller, was the victim of last year's bank robbery. Despite news of a local escaped prisoner and the presence of FBI Special Agent Al O'Gainey things couldn't be better for the Larry Leprechaun show, as the cast and crew gather for a special promotional tour. Little does anyone know that it could all fall apart at any time because.... I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST ST. PATRICK'S DAY