Murder Mystery with the Fowl Players of Perryville at Madigan's Waterfront in Occoquan Virginia! It’s 1955, and wealthy automobile magnate Sven Fürdenterder is about to unveil his company’s latest innovation that will change America forever. It’s a car with an engine that needs no gasoline, but instead runs on some mysterious alternative fuel. Considering that researcher Otto Mobile is the brains behind the new engine breakthrough, you would think that he would be happier about it, but Otto seems to be very worried about something. This new engine could turn out to be wonderful news for American drivers, but it is potentially devastating for Sloan Crude, President of the Helpers of the Oil & Gas Industry. HOGI is a lobbying group that is paid millions each year to further the cause of fossil fuels in Congress. A.C. Chevler also has grave concerns about the rumors of an alternative fuel engine, since it could bankrupt Chevler Industries, America’s #1 automaker. Security is tight as Sven Fürdenterder prepares to make his grand announcement, so don’t be surprised to see private eye Johnny Detroit patrolling the perimeter