An Evening of Dinner and Murder Mystery On The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad- "Par for The Corpse" The 1959 American Golf Association (AGA) season is winding down, and controversy abounds on the eve of the championship tournament. Superstar golfer Arnold Driver is, of course, the favorite to win a record 10th AGA title, but a women’s group is threatening to boycott the AGA Championship. The association is refusing to allow the top female golfer in the nation to compete on the men’s tour. Perhaps that’s because “Big Bertha” Woods could actually win. After all, she’s undefeated on the women’s tour, and can hit the ball a country mile. Gertrude Stiffnagle of the “National Organization for Female Supremacy” says the group’s members will protest at the golf course, and disrupt everything from the national telecast to the tournament itself unless women are allowed to participate with the men. That’s a nightmare scenario for AGA Public Relations Director Bert E. Eagle, whose job is to make sure everything goes flawlessly during the tournament. Security chief Eddie Parr will also have his work cut out for him, but it’s all “Par for the Corpse.”