Tonight is a very special night indeed! The very famous Italian Chef Appletini is here to introduce a new dish that will knock your socks off and has picked you to be the first ones to try it. It will be televised, so if all goes well, there may be a new TV show for Appletini, at least that’s what his manager Sexonda Beach hopes. A new show means money, and money means Beach can get a cut of the dough. Of course, Appletini goes nowhere without his faithful sous chef B.Alexander, who aids him with all things wonderful in the kitchen. Then, there is Tom Collins, the event planner, who was a contestant on Appletini’s “Chef Flambe’” reality show. Will Appletini remember him? Collins certainly hopes so. Of course, Appletini has a bit of a temper and can be quite the diva, so there is security tonight, just in case.