The Fowl Players of Perryville on Maryland Party Boat

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Maryland Party Boat, 1901 Old Eastern Ave, Essex, MD 21221

The Curse of The Scroll

The year is 1933, and archeologist Cleo Patrick has returned to America with what may be his most famous discovery ever: the Scroll of the Pharaoh. The hieroglyphics on the scroll warn of a curse to all who dare to touch the sacred parchment. The scroll was found on the site of an ancient Egyptian outhouse which was unearthed behind the Great Pyramid of Giza (it seems even the ancient Egyptians enjoyed reading in the bathroom). The scroll has been brought to the United States, and is being transported by rail to New York City, where it will be put on display with Patrick's other "important" discoveries. On board the train with Patrick is his longtime aide Farrah Ramsey; his financial backer, Alexandra D. Grate; and a mysterious stranger named Edie Mummie.