The Late Late Late Show

Big changes are taking place at a small local television channel. A desire to compete with bigger networks by new station owner and General Manager G.I. Lovecash has prompted changes that have shaken up the whole staff at WMRB TV in Baltimore, MD. The network once prided itself on wholesome family oriented programming with shows such as the Grecian Gourmet with Chef Georgiou Georgioupolis. However, Lovecash plans to shake up the lineup to more scary and shocking programming with a new show hosted by Goria de Vamp, “the Gothic Goddess” who has been surrounded by controversy her entire career because of the raunchy, gory movies she shows and her outlandish, graphic, and over the top stunts she performs in between segments, all in the name of ratings. Meanwhile, station accountant and mail room clerk Ida Beancounter has been noticing some peculiarities in financial reports, strange invoices coming to the station, and missing petty cash. She has enlisted the help of Private Investigator Anthony “Ant” Tenna to perform surveillance around the station and to report any unusual occurrences.