The Fowl Players of Perryville Murder Mystery Show on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad!! see for details It’s PTA night at Cumberland High and everyone is watching Vice Principal Ivan Cheeden to see how well he does since rumor has it that he will be the replacement for retiring Principal Nearbe. In fact, Nearbe is so ready for retirement that he is missing this meeting to play golf. One person who is watching VP Cheeden is Secretary Shirley Oliver, who admires his leadership and maybe a little more. The school’s Social Studies teacher and last year’s Teacher of the Year winner, Mr. Aaron DeWhirl, is here to make sure his new globes get approved by VP Cheeden for classroom use. The PTA Treasurer, Mrs. Shiva Arm, is at the meeting, but is not happy since the check to purchase new bowling balls for the bowling ball team was “misplaced,” potentially costing her son, Alfred Arm, his bowling scholarship for college. Thankfully, Principal Nearbe sent Officer Chuck to make sure the PTA meeting goes well so he can retire peacefully on a high note.