Mothers' Day Brunch aboard Maryland Party Boat-

We begin Boarding at 11:30 am and set sail from 12 - 2:30pm. Menu brunch buffet: scrambled eggs, sausage, sliced ham, mac and cheese, coleslaw, salad, fruit, water, mimosas, coffee and tea included with ticket. No outside beverages please, there will be a cash bar to purchase all other beverages. Each child or infant needs to be accompanied by an adult.

"Silver Screen Screams" The Directors Glib Awards, (Canned Film Festivus), a competition that began with 100 entrants, has come down to the final three 3 directors. They include Drew Lotts, a quirky amateur, Stevie Spielbored, the ‘famous’ director who looks down their nose at others, and Cinder Burns, a psychotic movie maker who puts their actors in dangerous and inappropriate situations. The organizer, Selly Lloyd, is under pressure from the board, and from some (shady) investors to make this a big success. Lloyd’s security chief, Tippy “Thunder” Briggs, a wanna-be action star, is a bit high strung and sensitive about their name, but is tasked with keeping order. You are here to view their submissions and recognize the top up and coming director in the horror/fantasy genre for this year! In addition to the accolades, there is a $5 million prize for the winner toward their next film. Is 5 million worth killing for? Can there be a winner in this bunch of losers?