The Fowl Players of Perryville Murder Mystery on The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, 13 Canal Street, Cumberland, MD 21502

Murder by 9 (8 Central) Love it or hate it, reality TV appears to be here to stay, and no network is making more of a ratings splash in reality TV than NBS. The recent 9-week series “Whose Pants Are These?” took the world by storm, and viewers were shocked to learn that Lee Strauss won the $1 Million prize by being the first to match nine pairs of pants with the show’s nine contestants. It was a surprise ending because another contestant, Richard Castaway, sure seemed to have a knack for the game. He wasn’t very liked by the audience, though (at least according to network test groups). The host of “Whose Pants” has been having a rough time since the show ended. There was even a Variety cover story that suggested that J.P. Pabst would not be invited back to host the other NBS reality shows in development. That shouldn’t matter because Pabst certainly made a lot of money on the last show. Security guard Al O'Gainey knows that. There’s very little that happens at NBS that Sullivan doesn’t find out about during his late night security sweeps through everyone’s private offices. NBS is making a killing, but will it be Murder by Nine?